Premium solutions to fix the bugs in update KB2412171 for Outlook 2007

MS Outlook is a popular email client from Microsoft, which is used by millions of users from different parts of the world. This program usually need not be updated by the users because it is updated automatically. So whenever you encounter any problems with the MS Outlook 2007 version, always check that the software is updated. This will not only fix the vulnerabilities but also come with some new and advanced features. Thus, make sure that the Outlook updates are downloaded and applied automatically.

The recent update was supposed to come with both performance improvements and stability enhancements to Outlook 2007. But with the release of KB2412171 update for MS Outlook 2007 on December 14, various issues have been encountered by some Outlook 2007 users. Even the Microsoft support forums began to fill up with lots of complaints from the user’s end.

Common bugs associated with the Outlook 2007 update KB2412171

A number of issues have been identified with the recent update of Outlook 2007. One of the most annoying issues which have confirmed by the Microsoft’s Outlook product team was the email authentication issue. This issue has annoyed most of the Outlook users. Some of the common issues which are associated with the Outlook 2007 update KB2412171 are as follows:

  • Performance becomes extremely sluggish while clicking on any email folder/sub-folder or loading Outlook or changing views
  • Auto-archive options were entirely missing from the Properties page of any folder. It is also missing from the Mailbox Cleanup tool.
  • Additional severe system instability while certain other plug-ins are installed
  • Users of Comcast and AT&T email services have reported that sending/receiving breaks with this patch. Error 0x800CCC18 is indicating SPA not working.
  • Some users of outsourced Exchange services have also reported that outgoing emails fail to leave their Outbox
  • Accounts connecting via SSL or IMAP accounts might give send/receive errors
  • Restricts the download of POP3 emails from Gmail servers.

Advanced solutions that you can try to fix the issue:

If you are experiencing any of the above-listed issues, then you can act in accordance with the steps provided below to remove this patch from your system:

  1. Close MS Outlook and any of its related applications (such as Google Calendar Sync).
  2. Now open the Control Panel and from there, select Add / Remove (or Uninstall) Programs.
  3. Click on View Installed Updates or Show Windows Updates or (depends on your Windows version.)
  4. Then, try to locate the Outlook update KB2412171 and uninstall it.

As you have uninstalled the update, you can now reboot the system and again use the MS Outlook program. But most of the times, the reboot is not required, but if you are prompted to do, then wait until you complete the further steps below. In addition to this, it is also recommended to block the update on the systems which have not yet been patched.

1) Check for updates forcefully.

2) Updates should display KB2412171 as available.

3) Un-check KB2412171, then right-click (in Windows 7) and hide it.

In IE (Windows XP) uncheck the first box next to the update, then check the box below to hide it.

Contact us for resolving Outlook 2007 update issues

Listed above steps might sometimes won’t work. Under such circumstances, you can call us at our helpline number for further assistance from our skilled professionals. You can even send us emails mentioning the issues and we will look forward to providing the adequate help required to solve the issue. Feel free to chat with our professionals online via live chat option and get instant solutions from them. If not satisfied, you can avail our remote assistance.

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