How to fix Apple Error Code 43 as the operation is not complete?

When you are using Apple Mac Computer that has an excellent reputation yet the machine can come across an error. Recently your Mac has come across error code 43. With no doubt, MacBook or Mac desktops are the most promising computer system, but sometimes you may encounter technical problems.

The encountered error code 43 on Mac arrives when you are trying to delete some of the files from your desktop or when you are trying to move items to a different directory. The error message displayed says “the operation cannot be completed because one or more required items cannot be found (Error Code 43).” It is also noted that the error happens with El Capitan and OS X 10.2. Different naming conventions are followed for the files and folders in Windows and Mac OS.

In case of Mac, some of the characters are allowed while naming the folder whereas in Windows this is restricted. While sharing files/folders with such characters, Mac appears with the error code 43. So you need to follow some of the naming protocol before proceeding for any transfer, deletion or copying.

Causes of the Apple Error 43 Code

Knowing the causes will help you from a future reoccurrence of the error code 43.

• As it is said earlier the naming convention is used in case of Mac so in case of wrong chosen one or more illegal character in the file name will cause the problem. Therefore, you need to rename with the legal characters
• Another possible cause is there is no shared point for the file. Which mean you cannot be able to access the file that you are trying access the file that you are trying to move
• In case the issue is not caused by the above mentioned then the problem is with a hard disk.
• It can also be due to installing of the internal OS which is related to permission for a file that you are trying to move
• Another common cause of the problem can be you are trying to push the unfinished downloaded file from its prime location to another as it is incomplete.

Follow the steps to fix Apple Error Code 43

Step 1

Reset the PRAM (Parameter Random Access Memory)
• Shut down the Mac PC
• Press the command key along with P and R key simultaneously
• Restart your Mac PC and then press command, option, P, R keys for a while and don’t leave until you hear a sound of starting up the machine
• After hearing the sound, you must release the button

Step 2:

You are required to unlock the file as it might be you are trying to delete a locked file
• You need to start your MacBook by pressing the power button
• Go to the application folder
• Head over to utilities
• Once you located the utility folder, you must launch it
• Then you need to type in the command which is chflags-R nouchg and make sure that you leave space after it
• Now you need to double click on trashcan icon. The action will also display the content of trashcan
• Now you are required to click on a command key
• Then just drag the locked files that you are trying to delete from trash can to terminal Window
• After completing this, you need to click on the return key
• Now you can empty the trashcan.

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