How to fix Apple Error Code 51?

When your iPhone is running fine the sudden interruption of trouble will stop you from running other activities on your device. This time your iPhone Apple came across error code 51 which is a problem for a user as it occurs when you are attempting to restore your iPhone via iTunes. But due to the occurrence of error code the user is unable to complete the restore process. To consider the two possible reasons as your iPhone won’t restore after installing the latest iOS update includes such as it could be that your iTunes software is not updated, or your security software is blocking the iTunes from working efficiently. To fix the problem, you can follow the blog step by step instructions. You can follow some of the below-mentioned solutions which can help you delete the file formats using IPSW extension and replacing the faulty cable or battery.

Follow the solution to solve the Apple iPhone Error Code 51

Solution 1:

You can try deleting .IPSW file from your system. And to do this, you need to follow the below guidelines which have been provided by our expert team.
iTunes might have diagnosed that the file extension .ipsw has a problem which led to iTunes for prompt of error 51 and hence deleting file extension would force iTunes to download a new one.

For Windows OS:
Step 1: Visit the C drive by following details C:\users\your account\AppData\roaming\iTunes\iPhone software update and in case you are not able to locate the AppData folder you can click on view and check for hidden folder
Step 2: As soon as you traced the .IPSW file, or CTR-A you can delete all
Step 3: You are required to update the device

In the case of OS X:
Step 1: Run the finder
Step 2: Press Go and select the Go to the finder
Step 3: Type in -/Library and press ok
Step 4: Open the iTunes folder
Step 5: Open iPhone Software update folder
Step 6: Now you can delete the .IPSW folder
Step 7: Update your device

Solution 2:

Replace the faulty USB cable or battery
In case of iPhone is stuck in DFU mode you might have damaged USB cable or battery. To be sure about it you can run some test before replacing the USB cable or your battery. Follow steps for the solution to implement such as:
Step 1: First and foremost remove all the USB devices except the mouse and keyboard and directly connect the USB cable to your computer USB port and try iTunes again. In case of failure go to next step.
Step 2: You can borrow high-speed USB cable and try again via replacing the USB cable if this succeeds if not your battery is the defaulter.
Step 3: If you technically inclined you could also test your battery via using a voltmeter as it still has voltage output. If it is zero or far from normal voltage output consider replacing the battery.

After going through the blog by now, you will be able to get rid of the Apple iPhone error code 51. In case you fail to solve the error on your own you can connect with technicians. You are free and most welcomed to get other issues related to iPhone resolved easily and have an efficient running device with you.

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