How to fix Apple facing HDCP Error on Apple TV?

HDCP which abbreviated as High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection is a form of digital protection that requires compatibility between Apple TV and high definition. A universal message may appear on your television stating “the content requires HDCP for playback. HDCP isn’t supported by your HDMI connection.” The HDCP is built into several devices including streaming video, hardware, cable boxes, satellite TV receivers and more.

In case you have the old HDTV that doesn’t have the built HDCP into it, due to which you won’t be able to watch the HDCP compatible contents on your TV. Therefore when you plug in HDCP standard device, you will see HDCP error. Error NON-HDCP OUTPUT or complete blank screen on your TV.

In case everything is fine and updated to the latest version yet your Apple TV is facing error. The problem can be due to faulty HDMI cable or receiver. Chances that HDMI switch is playing spoilsport with you. You can go through the following mentioned solutions in the blog to get the fix done and enjoy the efficient working of the device.

Solution 1

You might require checking specifically associated accessories such as HMDI cable, receiver and can also try turn on and off Apple TV. For this you can also follow the steps to fix the issue:

Step 1: Unplug the HMDI cable and then plug it back firmly
Step 2: Turn off the receiver and Apple TV next you need to unplug the Apple TV from the power source. You need to wait for some time and plug it back into a power source and turn on Apple TV and receiver as well.
Step 3: You need to make sure that the selected HDMI input that matches with the HDMI port connected to your Apple TV
Step 4: Chances that receiver or HDMI might be creating trouble. Hence you can try connecting Apple TV directly to your TV
Step 5: The attached cable might be faulty therefore you must try with a different cable to see if it works
Step 6: Open the settings to go to audio and video settings and adjust the HDMI settings

Solution 2

You must restore your Apple TV to factory settings. In case you are still facing issues you can follow the steps to restore the Apple TV to factory settings

Step 1: Head over to the settings and then go to system and choose Reset option
Step 2: Now you have to select reset option which allows resetting your device fast even without the internet connection. In case of reset update which reset your Apple TV to factory settings and installs software updates using internet connection.

Solution 3

You can restore Apple TV via iTunes
When you are thinking of restoring the Apple TV, you must make sure it has the latest version of iTunes installed. In case of the 4th generation Apple TV you need a USB-C cable and for 3rd generation and earlier you need Apple TV. Besides you also need a very good internet connection.

Step 1: Unplug the HDMI cable and power cord from the Apple TV and then the launch of the iTunes on your computer
Step 2: Next plug a USB-C wire on the back of Apple TV, and you have to plug the other end of your USB-C into the port of your computer
Step 3: You must check the summary page in iTunes
Step 4: Click on restore Apple TV and allow it to get rebuilt successfully
Step 5: Once your Apple TV has finished repairing you need to unplug the USB-C and power cord. Then you need to reconnect the HDMI cable and power cord to your Apple TV.

Assuming that you have been able to solve the issues after following the solution. In case nothing has worked for you. You need to connect with knowledgeable, skilled and capable technicians to get the HDCP Apple error fixed instantly. Communicate with experts any hour of day and night to avail the best of assistance.

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