How to fix Apple Home Share Error Code 5507?

Home Share Error Code 5507 occurs when you are trying to enable the Home sharing in your iTunes application of iPhone. The error is very common and encountered by many iTunes users when they are trying to use home share. You also get an error message along with displaying the error text as “Home sharing could not be activated because of error occurred (5507).” You should not panic or worry about the error and simply connect to technicians or follow the described troubleshooting blog steps. There is a number of reasons for the problem including password was incorrect and hence you are unable to access device using the code. There can be more reasons such as network Wi-Fi is not responding or working. Another reason which is associated with the error can be two-factor authentication (2FA) which is being enabled on your Apple account.

As or when you are trying to enable Home Sharing on iTunes, it may ask you to sign into Apple account which results in 2FA code being displayed on your Smartphone. As by now you have come across error code, you can troubleshoot the issues with the below mentioned right full steps which help you in solving the error code.

Follow the steps to solve iTunes Home Share Error Code 5507:

Step 1: Turn off the home sharing on your iDevice
You need to switch off the home sharing on the devices which so ever you are using currently

Step 2: Now you need to type the Login details
Wait for 2-3 minutes and insert the login Id and password in the required field and then click the turn on home sharing button.

Step 3: Verify the Box show error
Now you are required to observe that the box shows up with the 5507 error code. If yes then you must continue to the next step.

Step 4: Now you need to have the six digit access code

• Wait for some time until the six digit access code pops up message appears on your iPhone.
• Often it takes a long time to show message so you should not panic

Step 5: Re-type the Apple login details

• Again input the Apple Id login details such as ID and Password with the six-digit code added to it.

Step 6: Your Home sharing is Ready to be used

And you are done with the problem solving till now. Your home sharing is all set to share again, and you can start your task without any trouble.

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