How to fix Apple iPhone Error 53

Apple iPhone Error 53 is a code displayed by iTunes when restoring an iPhone. The error code is found to have an unidentified or unexpected Touch ID module. The error message is abrupt and almost always a terminal for the device in question. The iDevices which are affected by such error code 53 is 6 and 6S plus. The Apple iPhone uses different cables then earlier. The unidentified touch ID of the iPad and iPhone is the cause of the error code 53.
The smartphone comes with the series of dreadful error apart from the current problem you are facing. Each home button touch ID sensor is encrypted with a serial number of each distinguish iPhone and not interchangeable with other devices. Therefore it is mandatory and suggested to use original accessory. For some Apple users replacing the basic accessory such as USB cable can solve the problem.

You can follow the methods of solving the Apple iPhone Error 53:

Method 1:

As it is said above using the brand USB cable which is attached to the touch ID will help you in fixing the problem. As Error 53 is highly associated with the hardware problem, therefore, it is advised to replace the USB port. Keep in mind only use original accessory and connect your iPhone to the computer that has latest installed iTunes applications in it.

Method 2

You can replace the cable connecting your Touch ID by going through the step by step procedure mentioned below:

Step 1: Dissemble your iDevice by losing the screws at the right bottom of your device and pop the cover out.

Step 2: Upon dissembling the device locate the Touch ID beside the Home button there will be a cable connecting the Touch ID to the motherboard of the device, covered by the panel

Step 3: To remove the panel, you will need to lose the screws off the small plate over the Touch Id

Step 4: Gently you should remove the touch ID from the phone. Be careful so that you should not damage the flex cable, it is advised to use tweezers to disable the home button.

Step 5: Now as you have to remove the home button you need to remove the panel by simply losing the screws from the side of the phone.

Step 6: After removing the panel you will be able to see the flex cable popping out from the end of the panel

Step 7: Simply remove the cable off-panel by peeling and replace it with the new one. It could be tricky for you hence you can simply buy the whole panel from the Apple store.

Step 8: Now that you have replaced the panel now assemble it back exactly the way you took it off

Step 9: Tighten up the six screws which were taken off from the side of the Apple Smartphone

Step 10: Next you need to do is to put the touch ID back on the smartphone and connect the flex cable with the touch ID.

Step 11: Now it is required to place the small plate back to touch id and tighten up the screws

Step 12: Make sure you connect everything perfectly and successfully

Step 13: Restore the iPhone to latest iTunes installed on your computer.

With the completion of the above steps, it is considered that your problem has been resolved. In case you are facing the issues again or having trouble fixing the error code 53 you can contact our tech experts. You can dial our toll-free number to have an instant connection with the experienced technicians. Our tech professionals are available 24*7 to assist you any hour of day and night for fixing the technical failure with the Apple iPhone.

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