How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code E04?

Excellent working with Canon Printer machine can come across issues, this time it is an error code E04 message. The Canon E04, E05, E14 and E15 error messages appear when a PIXMA Inkjet printer is having the trouble in recognizing one or more of the cartridges in the machine. The messages read as “Fine Cartridge cannot be recognized” however the messages may also appear when using refilled or remanufactured Canon ink cartridges from the third-party which do not carry Canon fine branding ink cartridges, that does not also mean you must not use branded new Canon cartridge from the unrecognised party in your machine but as you are having trouble in identifying the installed cartridge as it’s not compatible and not giving the fine results as well. Therefore it is advised not to use other than branded ink on your machine.

Canon Printer uses a series of golden color contracts on the front of the cartridge as its the only point of contact with the cartridge. And in case these contacts are obscured by dirt, natural oils from your hands can also cause the message to appear. Hence it can also be the contracts that have become the reason for damage while cartridge was working fine.

Whatever so ever is the situation with the Canon Printer you must run the basic troubleshooting steps to fix the occurred error message and have excellent working printer machine with you and have successful print results.

Steps to Clear the Message on the Printer Machine:

Assume that the contracts have not been damaged or dead electronically so you can bypass the message by cleaning the contacts mentioned above.

Step 1: Start with removing of the installed cartridge from your Canon printer machine
Step 2: Switch off the printer off using the button on the body of the printer and don’t cut off from the main supply
Step 3: Now you must check the label of the cartridge to ensure the correct cartridge is being installed for your printer device
Step 4: Wipe down the contracts on the front of the cartridge using a piece of kitchen tissues or any other fibrous tissues
Step 5: Now you are required to press the power button to ON state
Step 6: Reinstall the cartridge, and you must now ensure the cartridge is running correctly

And now the carriage will be recognized by your branded Canon Printer, and you will be able to carry on the with printing outputs efficiently and resourcefully. In case the Fine message Cartridge cannot be recognized, and error remains it is advised to replace the cartridge with the new one. Or you can connect to our technicians via dialing our toll-free number. Our experts are available 24*7 around-the-clock to fix your Canon Printer. You are most welcomed to communicate with our tech professionals any hour of the day and night to get rid of the problem. Get connected with us to get the issues resolved instantly.

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