How to fix Canon Printer Error Code E13 and E16 Message?

As you have a fine working Canon Printer device with you. The machine gives you successful printing results and that too on time. But when your Canon PIXMA Printers do not work efficiently and resourcefully you should not worry. As the problem can be with not having the sufficient ink in the cartridge. Now your Canon PIXMA MG3170 colour printer faces issues it demands replacing of the empty ink cartridge which is also compatible with the respective machine. To clear the Canon Printer Error E13 and E16 for quality print results you need to get rid of the error as soon as possible. The Canon Printer works on the basic counting as the number of pages printed and along with the calculated to find out how much ink of the cartridge is present. As the error message is being displayed on your printer’s screen then your printer will stop printing and scanning as well. The error displayed when you are using the refilled ink of third-party manufacture that reads as low or empty as it is installed.

You can perform the solutions to troubleshoot the Canon Printer Error Code E13 and E16:

With the mentioned solutions you will be able to get rid of the Error Code.

Resolution 1: In this particular solution you need to follow some steps to overestimate the tendency of how quickly ink within their cartridges run out, and as you received the error message code E13 and E16 you will certainly have some ink left. Therefore the arrived message can be overridden, and you can continue printing. Follow the steps to solve the issues:

Step 1: You need to locate the stop or reset button on Canon Printer machine which can be identified by a triangle within a circle on the body of the Canon Printer which is usually in red, white or black.

Step 2: You must hold the reset button after locating it on the machine for at least five seconds and then release it. It will prompt signals to the canon printer that you are aware of as it is run out of ink, but it would continue printing regardless of any fact.

Step 3: Your Canon PIXMA Printer will continue printing without on-screen ink level estimating the ink in the cartridges as it is physically running out. At the particular point, you might notice print quality issues. Hence, indicating the cartridge required to be changed.

You need to check for the damage caused to the printer. In case you are using the empty cartridge, some strain will be on the print-head and can cause damage. As the range of printers distributes ink directly from the cartridge to paper, you must be glad to the print head built to each black or color ink cartridge. What worst can happen is the print-head may burn out with the overuse. But if you are replacing the printer cartridge ink regularly there will not be any damage as ink is being refilled timely.

Hence now you would be able to get rid of the error. In case not you can connect with our qualified, skilled and capable technicians. Consider connecting with experienced technicians any hour of day and night as tech professionals are available 24*7 around-the-clock. No more delay now in fixing the problem as technicians are only a call away from you. You are most welcomed to communicate so that you can have the fine working Canon PIXMA Printer with you. You can also contact Canon printer repair service.