How to fix Driver Power State failure?

The very popular Windows BSOD error that is related to the driver is stated as Driver Power State failure. It is the failure of Blue Screen of Death, and it is a result of the incompatible driver for any of the hardware device. The Driver Power State Failure error occurs when there is power state changing such as when you place the PC or laptop to sleep mode and when you resume the PC and when you shut down the machine you come across such error. The failure error is caused by a computer or device driver as going to sleep mode while you are still using the device. Windows would send a weak signal to the device once it is needed and if the device doesn’t respond in the particular time or at all, windows then send a flag of Power state failure error as seen. Power settings or the driver itself is responsible for the error to occur.

Follow the steps of Methods to troubleshoot the Driver Power State failure:

Different or possible ways of solving the Driver Power State failure you can start with the first method and proceed accordingly to respective methods in case the very first is unable to solve the issues.

Method 1: Enter the Safe mode for fixing the driver Power State Failure

Step 1: Find the problematic drivers by right-click on the computer icon and select the properties and click on Device Manager to find whether there are yellow exclamation marks beside the hardware name
Step 2: Right-click on hardware with problematic driver and select the option for uninstall
Step 3: Restart the computer system and go to control panel and select the system security and choose Windows Update. You can check for the updates and follow the instructions to install the latest driver updates

Method 2: Upgrade the BIOS to fix the error

You can find the best BIOS information on your device and then search for the BIOS updates on the manufacturer support website which provides the download and faces the issues

Method 3: System Restore can also help you in fixing the error

Step 1: Right-click on the computer icon and select the property option
Step 2: Select the system protection and then choose System restore option in the opened dialogue box
Step 3: Click on the Next button and choose the desired system restore

After following the blog steps, you will be able to solve the Driver Power state failure error. In case you fail in solving the error you can get in touch with us and have the best of assistance for problem-solving any hour of day and night. You are most welcomed to get in touch with us for getting the failure resolved easily and instantly. No matter what the time is, our tech professionals are always available to take care of your issues and help you in every possible manner.

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