How to fix iPhone 8/ 8 Plus and X Charging Issues?

As you are using the latest iPhone 8/ 8 plus or X which includes the wireless charging option but you came across the problem. What when your iDevice accumulating tiny particles get into the open ports such as charging. The entrance of dirt and dust in the lightning port of your iPhone X will prevent the trouble in contacting between cable and the charging port. And with no connection between the cable and port, your iPhone won’t be able to charge.

Study the symptoms of the Non-charging iPhone

• For some Apple iPhone users, the non-charging scenario means having the device that would not charge at all.
• Some sometimes say charge and sometimes don’t
• Other times iDevices also show charging symbol but don’t charge at all
• Users who deal with the problems get an authentic cable message on their respective Apple devices when plugging-in.

You can solve the cable problem by placing it at some angle. But it is a temporary solution which some users follow as it may work for them but not for others.

Solution to the Non-charging iPhone issues you can proceed further. The lightning port of your iDevice is small. You can hardly notice the dust and dirt inside the ports as you will see much darker. However, dust and particles block the charging port without even making you realize it as no charging is happening. As the dust increases inside the hole the chances of non-charging, the issues become larger.

The issue also caused by the everyday moisture which results in corrosion on the charging port contacts. This is something you can’t help with as it is air that contains moisture. Therefore you are required to clean the port regularly or after an interval of time to avoid the thick layer of corrosion being getting settled has not lead to charging issues which you are facing right now.

Before you clean the charging port, you must make sure about checking the things of your charger condition.

• One need to make sure the charger cable is not kinked or frayed or even chewed. If it is such that you must get a new cable and from the original Apple lightning cable instead of some third party
• If charging via computer get a wall adapter and use it instead. Check if your other iPhone charges are getting charged with the same cable. As many times USB ports on Mac or PC lack the power needed to charge the device properly.
• Try charging the wall adapter to see if the problem is in your charging unit.

If you went through all the methods discussed and you are still experiencing the same non-charging issue you can connect with our qualified technicians. With the assistance of trained, skilled and experienced tech experts you can get the issues resolved easily and smoothly. Call any hour of day and night to experience the tech professional’s guidance of fixing the problem.

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