How to fix iPhone Error iOS 11 Unable to Install Update?

The newest and latest iOS 11 update has been introduced among Apple users on 19th September 2017. This time the update has brought significant improvements which include the most amazing and exciting new features such as the type of Siri, Siri translation, customization of the control center, map flyover mode, etc. With many astounding new things, everyone was so eager to have the download done over the air or via iTunes. As many users, trying to update the iOS 11 they came up with the feedback as an updating bug. When the users are updating the iOS 11, a bug message saying “Unable to upgrade. An error occurred installing iOS 11.2/11.1/11” or some time it say’s “Software Update Failed. An error occurred installing iOS 11.2/11/.1/11.”

Reasons for the occurrence of the error message can be

• iOS 11 isn’t available for your device
• The iPhone is not having enough of space for the update
• iOS download got freezes; iOS is taking too long are some of the reasons why your Apple iPhone faces error iOS 11 unable to install the update.

So far you might be clear with the reasons leading to the error occurred while installing iOS 11.2/11.1/11 update.

Follow the steps to fix the error iOS 11 unable to install the update:

Step 1: Must check if your device supports iOS 11. It is required and necessary to check for the device is supporting the iOS 11 as iPhone 5 is not supporting iOS 11 anymore. Therefore, you should be sure about your device that it is on the list or not.

Step 2: You need to turn off the settings on the application and wait for a while. Since you have tried many times the retry option but the error still occurred as the bug remains why not you try to close the settings and try again later. To remove the settings app, you need to double tap on the home button, swipe up on the settings application until it slides out of the view. And now after a while trying to install to update again: go to settings, general, and update the software.

Step 3: Reset the networking settings as occasionally network connection could be reasons why an error occurred installing the iOS 11. So this can also be fixed by resetting the device network settings by visiting settings option, general and reset the network settings

Step 4: Disable the Wi-Fi, and you must turn on the cellular data. Similar to step 3 you are required to check network connection by turning off the Wi-Fi and switch to the cellular data now.

Step 5: Force the restart of the device. In case resetting the network settings does not work you can try force restarting of the iPhone. Press and hold the power button simultaneously until the Apple logo appears.

Step 6: You can try updating the iDevice to the newest iOS Version with iTunes. Since unable to improve and software update failed to occur when updating over air, so you can upgrade your device with iTunes on computer system instead

Step 7: Successful resolving of the error has been done
With the completion of the blog, you might be able to solve the error iOS 11. In case you face issues you can call to Techies Forum Dubai support service provider and get connected to technicians who will guide you in the right direction of error solving. You must not hesitate in getting in touch with the tech experts any hour of day and night as they are available 24*7 around-the-clock.