How to fix iPhone “unknown error 0xE8000015” Error code?

Many of the iPhone 6/7 and iPad users have reported that when they try to connect iTunes for some reasons they are having a problem with their iTunes and getting an error message saying as iTunes could not connect to their respective iPhone or iPad. The unknown error 0xE8000015 occurs and locked your iPhone as you entered the wrong passcode too many times. Now when facing the error code, Apple has asked to restore your iPhone, but when you are trying to connect the iPhone to your laptop or Mac, your device received a message saying “iTunes could not connect to the iPhone, an unknown error code 0xe8000015.” The error code is positively the error label that contains important error including why the error took place, which program component malfunctioned to bring about the fault together with some additional details as well. To fix the error code, you are required to follow the blog steps.

Follow the steps to fix the iTunes activation error:

The steps are divided into two Methods. First, you can try to reset your iPhone and the second Method of the blog includes trying of resetting the iPhone without screen passcode:

Method 1: Hard reset your iPhone

For iPhone 8 and later

Step 1: Close the opened Bluetooth function in the settings

Step 2: You need to press and quickly release the Volume Up button

Step 3: Press and quickly release the volume down button

Step 4: It is required to press and hold the power button until you see the Apple Logo on the screen

Reset steps for iPhone 7 or older

Step 1: You need to close the Bluetooth in settings

Step 2: Press the home button

Step 3: Now press and hold the power button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

With Method 1 the error code will be surely fixed in case it won’t you can follow the second method which is resetting the screen passcode.

Method 2: Now you can reset the iPhone without screen passcode via following steps.

Step 1: First is required to connect the USB cable to your Windows computer system or Mac, but do not connect it to your iPhone

Step 2: Now turn off the iPhone by pressing and hold the home and power button

Step 3: When the iPhone off holds the home button and connect the iPhone to the attached USB cable so that the iPhone will be forced to turn on

Step 4: You need to press the hold button until an alert message in iTunes appears saying your iPhone is detected in recovery mode

Step 5: Now you must select the restore and it will download a large 2.5GB file and reset the iPhone. Still, you need your Apple account username and password but you can easily reset on so that you know it’s correct when you enter it

In case you are facing issues while following the blog steps you can connect with our qualified, skilled and capable technicians. Get in touch with us you will be quickly and smoothly able to solve the iPhone error.

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