How to fix iTunes a Code 1671 While Updating or Restoring iPhone or iPad?

Many of the Apple users complained about their facing of error 1671 with iTunes. The application has primed to be a highly advanced mobile iDevice application, media player, media library and radio broadcast. iPhone error 16721 error code usually occurs when iTunes is getting updated or when any of iDevice is being restored. When it is used for several activities such as update or restore the error occurrence is common. At times when the user come across such issues hence stopping them from doing the regular work. There is more than one reason why the error 1671 error comes up and become a nightmare for iOS users.

Here you will find the real cause of the issue and possible solution of it. The common causes of error code 1671 of iTunes include the following:

• Operating System being out of date
• Your installed iTunes is of outdated version
• Installed antivirus is not valid
• Your system is infected with the virus
• When several USB controllers are connected to your computer
Few of the simplest and easiest way to solve the iTunes issue 1671:
• First, you need to make sure to update the installed iTunes to the latest version
• Then you must be sure that iTunes is compatible with the iOS of your device
• You are required to update the Antivirus and carry out the system scan
• You must connect the iOs device to the well-suited USB port
• One also need to make sure to have the latest version of Operating System running on the computer
• You need to check the security system of your PC.
• Get updated or uninstall the software which is causing the issue
• You are required to unplug the unnecessary USB connected to the system
• You are required to change the cable as well

Steps to fix the iTunes error code 1671 while updating the iPhone and iPad:

Step 1: Disable the installed antivirus program in your Mac or PC
Step 2: Allow the update to download the iTunes
Step 3: You are required to restore the device in recovery mode
To enter the DFU mode you need to connect your iPhone to computer, force a restart of your iDevice by holding on sleep/wake button at once for about ten seconds and after that you will see a recovery mode screen that will appear on iPhone if you see the option to restore or update you can select for update.

Steps to remove the iTunes error 1671 while restoring iDevice on iTunes:

Step 1: Turn off the antivirus program on your computer
Step 2: Look for a host file on your computer
For Windows head over to “My Computer” on to C:/Drive
Step 3: Move to Windows folder, system 32, drivers, etc and search for the “host” file. Once you located it you need to drag it to your desktop
In the case of Mac
Step 3: Here you need to look for the finder to search your host’s file and then drag it to your desktop. In the finder bar, you need to select Go and opt for Go to finder option
Step 4: In the next appear box you need to type private/etc/hosts and press enter
Step 5: The finder window will appear and the host file will be selected. Drag the file to your desktop
Step 6: Launch the iTunes to your computer and try to resolve your device error. After the process is completed, you need to send the host file back to its prime location

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