How to fix iTunes Error 48 on iPhone 5S?

Apple iPhone users often face an error with the iTunes and their iPhone while attempting for a backup or restore. They might also face issues during the iPhone update on their respective computer system or laptop. The most common problem during the restoring of iPhone is frustrating and struggling error too. The error message is displayed as a message showing “The iPhone could not to restore. An unknown error occurred Error 48.” But to run an iPhone error free, you need to solve the error 48 and have a smooth running of the device.

Know the symptoms of iTunes Error 48:

• Error 48 occurred due to crash-active program window
• PC frequently crashes with error 48 when running the same program
• iTunes error code 48 is displayed
• Might be your computer faces freezes periodically for few seconds
• And due to facing of error Windows sluggish and responds slowly to mouse, keyboard or any other peripheral input
What are the causes of the iTunes Error 48?
• Corruption download or incomplete installation of iTunes software
• Corruption in window Registry from a recent iTunes related software change such as install or uninstall
• Your window system file or iTunes related program are affected by virus or malware
• Any other program unkindly or by mistake has deleted the iTunes error

Steps to fix and solve iTunes Error 48 on your iPhone device:

Step 1: Update the iTunes software on your Apple device for the easy fix and resolving the error code 48 problems.

Step 2: Restart your iPhone device and computer system. Turning off and on your device and your computer system might fix the iTunes error 48 problems.

Step 3: Next you need to unplug the extra USB device.

Step 4: Restore your iPhone device without any SIM card inserted. You need to remove the SIM card and restart the device. Connect to iTunes and start the restore process hence restoring without SIM card can quickly fix and resolve the Error 48.

Step 5: You need to clear the iPhone Browser cookies, cache and history. Go to settings, click no safari browser, and select the option of “clear website data” option and then you are done.

Step 6: Perform a factory reset on your iPhone Device. For resetting the iPhone, you need to visit the settings, click on the general option, click no reset and approve option and then it’s done. Maybe by doing a factory reset your iPhone error are fixed.

Step 7: Reset your iPhone Device. After the reset, several changes will be made to your device and also make changes to your device along with better too. Press & hold the home and sleep button both, reboot it and then it’s done. The process will reboot your device hence resolving the issues.

Step 8: Run the recovery mode on your iPhone Device. The process is to turn off the iPhone, Open iTunes and connect your device to your PC by USB cable, Press and hold the home + sleep/wake button for few seconds and after releasing the button, you will connect to iTunes Screen. Now your iPhone will be detected in Recovery mode. Take a backup and restore the data. Hence the process is complete.

Step 9: Reset the iPhone network settings. For doing it, you need to go to the settings, select the general tab and click on “reset network settings” option and the procedure is completed. Hence it will fix the error code 48 issues.

Step 10: Replace your iPhone Device Battery
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