How to fix iTunes Error 9006 when Updating/Restoring iPhone?

When updating or restoring the iPhone or iPad, you may come across iTunes Error 9006. The error message reads as “There was the problem downloading software for iPhone. An unknown error occurred (9006).” Usually, the iTunes error 9006 can be resolved with some simple steps allowing the user to update the iOS on their iPhone or iPad. Error 9006 is often triggered by the inability to connect to the software update server either causing a failed download or to interrupt a download. It can be quite frustrating that your update or restore operation repeatedly gets interrupted by the error 9006. Firewalls and antivirus software applications are usually the first things to blame for the occurrence of an error. Though sometimes the issues can be much broader as well or it may be due to specific reasons such as computer system, iTunes version, iOS installed version or the network is the culprit.

The iTunes error 9006 is caused by the failure of IPSW file download. When you are using iTunes and restoring iOS device requires downloading the corresponding IPSW file version.

Follow the Blog steps to solve the iTunes error 9006:

Some solutions have been found by our tech expert team that will help you get rid of the problem and update iPhone or iPad without any error.

Solution 1: You can update the iTunes

Ensure that you have your iTunes application updated to the latest version.

If you are a Mac user, then you need to click on iTunes in the top menu bar and choose for the option “Check for updates.”

For Window user, they need to select the help option from the menu bar and then “check for updates.”


Solution 2: Turn off the anti-virus, firewalls and reboot the iPhone, computer system by following the steps

Step 1: You need to turn off the antivirus software installed on your system

Step 2: Disable your computer firewall

Step 3: Restart the computer system

Step 4: Reboot the iPhone

Step 5: Now re-launch the iTunes application and retry the updates or restore process


Solution 3: Update or reset using the IPSW file

Step 1: Having access to on your computer and download the firmware that you want to update or restore. Make sure to choose the correct model for iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer using a USB cable

Step 3: Launch the iTunes and need to go summary pages where you will find update and restore options

Step 4: If you are a Mac user you need to hold the option alt and command keys and click on restore or update button. On Windows, you have to hold the shift key and then click the restore or update button

Step 5: A file browser is displayed where you have to choose the IPSW file you downloaded in step 1.

Step 6: iTunes will start the update or restore operation


Solution 4: Check the network connection timeout

You can choose to re-connect to the network then also restart your Windows/ Mac again and reopen the iTunes on your computer system.

These are some of the solutions that will help you in fixing the iTunes error 9006 on Mac or Windows when updating or restoring the iPhone or iPad. In case you have any problem with a solution or any step you can connect with our qualified, skilled and experienced technicians. Tech experts are available 24*7 hour of day and night to assist you with any of your problem you are facing.

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