How to fix Printer Spooler Service Error within Windows?

Print Spooler is one of the services which spools print job and handles interaction with the installed printer. If you turn off this service or by mistake, the service gets turned off, you won’t be able to take the print. It also means print spooler services need be in running state when you want to have the print results successful. With Services tool you can start the print spooler but in some case as soon as the service is started it automatically get stopped. If your system is running on Windows 7 or 10 OS and you see the error as saying your Print spooler isn’t running, then you are not alone facing such issues. Many other Windows users are also reporting the same issue.

To every problem, there is a reason behind the occurrence. The different reason such as the file or document corruption, driver not working well, malware infection, problem spoolsv.exe ownership, and others as well.

Most of the virus and Trojans does target the Print Spooler service to corrupt; the unwanted file attempt also corrupt the registry of print spooler service because it is the only service which will affect most of the users who are currently using the printer including you. As now you want to take the print out but getting the error message “Printer spooler service stopped please restart the local print spooler is not running. Please restart the spooler.”

You can begin with Method one and continue till five so that any of the solutions can be helpful for you in fixing the Printer error service message.

Method 1: At the initial step you can restart with the Print Spooler service on your associated computer system

Step 1: You are required to press the windows key along with the R key on your system keyboard that will invoke with the Run box.

Step 2: You need to type Services.msc on the box and press enter to open the services window.

Step 3: Click on the Print Spooler and then click on the restart option out of reset and restart services options.

Step 4: Now you must check if your printer is working fine or not.

Method 2: Check if Printer Spooler Service is set to automatic or not. If print spooler service isn’t set to automatic turn on the automatic start of the Windows starts, and your printer won’t work until you manually start the service.

Therefore you need to follow the steps to set it auto on such as mentioned

Step 1: On your computer keyboard press windows icon key and R together to invoke Run box

Step 2: Now you must type services.msc and press enter to open the services Windows

Step 3: Right-click on the Print spooler then you must click on properties option of the drop-down menu

Step 4: Make sure you startup type is set to automatic and then click Apply and OK

Step 5: Check now to see if your printer works fine or not.

Method 3: Change the Print Spooler recovery options
In case your print spooler recovery settings are not correct as it won’t start automatically restart if it fails for some reasons

Step 1: Need to press the Windows icon button on the keyboard and R at the same time to invoke the run box

Step 2: Type services.msc on the box and press enter to open services window on your system

Step 3: Right-click on the Print spooler then click on properties option on the drop-down menu

Step 4: Click on recovery tab on the properties and ensure the three failure fields are set to restart the service and click Apply followed by Ok

Step 5: Have the test to see if printer works

Method 4: You might require to Delete the Print spooler files

In case there are more pending print jobs that can cause print spooler to stop. Delete the print spooler files to clear the pending print jobs as sometimes it may solve the problem.

Step 1: Press the window key and R simultaneously on the keyboard

Step 2: You will have a search box running on your computer screen type services.msc and press enter to open Services Window

Step 3: Click on Printer Spooler and then on stop from the two option available at the left side.

Step 4: Now minimize the Service Window

Step 5: Press Window and E at the same time to open the Window File Explorer

Step 6: Go to printer folder on the C drive of the Computer System. Click on continue if permission is prompted

Step 7: Delete all the files in the printer folder and make sure folder is empty

Step 8: Again press the Window key and R for the search box

Step 9: Input control and press Enter open a control panel Window

Step 10: On the open of the Window click on view option by Category and then click on view devices and printer option in the below of hardware and sound

Step 11: Right-click on the printer and click on the remove device option in the drop down

Step 12: Click on services icon present in the taskbar and return to service Window again

Step 13: Click on Print Spooler and then start option

Step 14: Click on Devices and Printer icon in our taskbar to return to Devices and Printer Window

Step 15: Right-click on the blank area and click on Add a Printer to follow the on-screen instructions to re-add your printer

Step 16: Check to see if your Printer is working fine or not.

Method 5: You can try the fix by updating the printer driver

An old or incorrect printer driver may cause the error and hence need to be updated.

In case you are failing in resolving the Printer Spooler error by following the troubleshooting steps you can connect with qualified, skilled and experienced technicians. With no more tension, you can have the error-free printer working with you. Hence producing successful print results for you.

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