How to fix the drivers for unknown devices connected to your PC?

Unknown Devices issue is the common problem a PC, and laptop user can come across. The failures usually come across after your device is upgraded to Windows 10 Operating System and also the same is seen in Windows 7.

Whenever you are plugging USB of any device such as a mouse, keyboard on your computer system you are getting a “USB device not recognized” error. The error is shown up in Windows Device Manager which is a tool that lets you identify all the hardware connected to your system. Device Manager is a very much useful tool for many things ranging from managing drivers to be it updating them or rolling back them back and even uninstalling them. To enable and disable the specific devices also you do it from here directly.

However, when you are in the odd situation such as unknown device shows up in your Device Manager which signifies Windows is not able to identify the device and hence unable to find the associated driver. In wide majority of such cases, it will identify your device as useless. You can also see easily that a device has been marked by a yellow exclamation mark in the front name as an unknown device.

And when you are in such situation where you have a device that windows doesn’t want to identify there is, fortunately, a way you can apply manually to find the driver and install it yourself. And after the problem is solved you will be able to use the device as it supposed to be used.

You can fix the issues first by identify the Unknown Device Hardware ID.

Follow the steps to locate the hardware ID of the device and then getting the recognized device driver installed:

Step 1: Open the Device Manager which you can open by pressing the windows key on the keyboard or click on start and the opening of the search box and type the Device Manager and get the results. And hence you will be presented with the list of devices attached to the computer system, and you will find that the unknown device will be marked with a yellow exclamation.

Step 2: Once you have found the device you need to right-click to select the properties from the drop-down menu. On the Window open you need to head to the details tab and pick the hardware Id’s from the property menu.

Step 3: The first value displayed is the hardware ID of the device you need to select it and do the online search for the product manufacture as then you will be able to download the driver from the manufacturer websites or consult any third party support service provider.

Step 4: After downloading the driver you can head to the download folder of your computer system and find the setup and install on your respective desktop or laptop and must reboot after the completion of the installation for changes to be in effect. Your device will function now as well, and Device Manager will not list an unknown device on the screen.

When you came across unknown device pop up in the Device Manager tool, you should not scare as it is nothing more than Windows not recognizing the device. Whereas sometimes a simple restart of the computer system can also solve your problem of facing the issues of an unknown device. But having installed the latest driver yourself on your system is far better as you will be sure of getting rid of the problem and won’t face it in future. With following the mentioned blog steps, you will be able to solve the problem easily.

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