How to fix Windows Package Installer Error 1722?

The Windows Package Installer Error 1722 which is a general problem and you might be getting this problem by adding, removing or updating the program. The issues are categorized as installer error as it prevents you from installing or uninstalling a program. One of the following error messages will be displayed:

1. Error 1722. There is a problem with this Windows Installer Package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as excepted. Contact your support personnel or package vendor
2. Windows Installer Service could not be accessed
3. Windows Installer Service couldn’t be started
4. Could not start with the Windows Installer service on your Local Computer. Your Access is denied
Multiple reasons can encounter the Error 1722 such as:

• Windows Installer Package corruption
• Improper Window installer Package installation
• Having issues with the Windows Script Hosting permission issues
• Viral infection can also be the cause of issues

Follow the Solutions to fix the Window Installer Error 1722:

Solution 1:

You need to start with Window Installer Service as it is one of the reasons that cause the windows installer error 1722, therefore, you must check for Windows Installer Service is running or not. With the mentioned steps to start with the Windows Installer Service, you must proceed

Step 1: Click on the start icon of the system and type CMD which is for command window in the search box
Step 2: Right-click on cmd.exe and select for Run as administrator option in the drop-down list appeared in front of you
Step 3: By typing the command such as net start MSI server in the window and press enter It will start with the Installer Service
Step 4: Now you must restart the software installation again and hopefully you won’t be getting the Error Code 1722 in your system.

Solution 2:

You must set the Installer Service to Manual by following the steps:

Step 1: Press the Windows key on your keyboard along with the R which will open the command Window where you need type Services.msc and press OK.
Step 2: Find Windows Installer in Services, right click on it and select properties to option in it
Step 3: In the startup type drop-down box you need to set the value as Manual
Step 4: You must save the settings and exit the Window
Step 5: With this, you can try to install the software again

Solution 3:

Uninstall or remove the previous version of software
Sometimes if you try to install a newer version of software over an older version, it also throws an installer error 1722. Therefore, you must completely remove the older version of the software and then restart the computer system.

Solution 4:

You can try by repairing the registry file
When the Windows Installer registry file settings are found corrupted, then no solution mentioned will work until you fix the registry problem. Editing the file manually is a risky task and increases the chances of damaging the PC permanently.

By now your Windows Installer Package Error 1722 will be fixed by following the solutions. In case you are still having the issue unresolved you can connect with our tech experts and get the error resolved instantly. You can communicate with our tech professionals any hour of day and night as technicians are available 24*7 around-the-clock to assist your problem with full efforts. You can also have communication via a drop of email or can also have a live chat with the technicians.

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