Resolve Your Outlook application Error Messages with Our Assured Solutions

Our introduction to the new generation technologies and innovations have opened new doors for us to use computers in most of our daily work. The computer and its technologies have become one of the most integral parts of our lives in this modern age of the internet era. If you use a computer for any business purpose or professional activities, you should be familiar with email services. The email is now considered as one of the widely used business communication mediums. You can make yourself reachable to the people all over the world. Getting used to internet related services can boost up your business’s internet visibility, attracting global business opportunities to you.

You might have noticed Outlook Send Error: “The operation failed. An object could not be found” or “Object not found” error message showing while using your Outlook application. First, let us tell you about Microsoft Outlook application and its functions. Microsoft Inc. understood the future prospects of using email services. They developed MS Outlook, a personal information and email accounts manager that comes with the Microsoft Office suite as a bundled software. People mainly use Outlook to manage their email account as its easy user interface and better functionality features make it easier to manage multiple email accounts altogether. Outlook has been making our email communication experience better with their smart features.

The common issue you may face with MS Outlook:

We have researched the most common issues that can affect the overall functionalities of the software. One of the annoying issue with your Outlook application is the infamous error message that says Outlook Send Error: “The operation failed. An object could not be found” or “Object not found”. This error can be found in any users Outlook application. The error occurs basically when the application tries to fetch any attachment or information you added in the email you want to send. By default, Microsoft Outlook adds all the contact information to all of its existing email accounts but it does not add them in the Microsoft Exchange account, thus, it creates an information conflict in the accounts. There are a few simple ways to go around with this particular issue. Let us tell you what you can do in such situations:


Method 1: Making the program compatible

  1. Make sure the Outlook application is closed or not running in the background
  2. Go to the start menu and search for “outlook.exe”
  3. When the application appears on the result, right-click on it and open the properties of the program
  4. On the new dialog box, click and open the compatibility tab
  5. You have to check the box where it says “Run this program in compatibility mode”
  6. Now click on Apply button to save the changes

Method 2: Creating a new Outlook profile

  1. First, open your start menu and go to the control panel of your computer
  2. You will find a Mail icon, double-click on that to open the setup dialog box
  3. In the dialog box, you will find a button saying “Show profiles…”
  4. A profile dialog box will appear, click on the Add button to add a new profile
  5. Now select the type of email service you use and fill up all the credentials on them
  6. Click next to proceed further of the Add profile dialog box
  7. When all the required information is filled up, click on finish to Add the new profile on your Outlook

Dial our helpline number to get better guidance:

If the above-mentioned methods do not fix the issue, you can feel free to reach us through our helpline number and avail instant solutions for any Microsoft outlook issues you face. We employ tech experts who have years of experience resolving Outlook application related problems. They will guide you with the best methods possible to fix the issue. Outlook Send Error: “The operation failed. An object could not be found” or “Object not found” errors are now history with our premium solutions. Also, check to How to fix your Outlook Send Receive Error 0x8004060c

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