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With the introduction of new computer technologies, internet communication has become one of the integral parts of our daily work. In this modern generation of the internet age, emails are considered the most reliable mode of business and professional communications. With the help of emails, you can make yourself and your business easily reachable throughout the world. Better internet visibility means you can attract global business opportunities. If you use email service for professional activities and business communications, you should be familiar with an application called Outlook. When you are using multiple email accounts on the MS Outlook, you might have noticed an error message like the Outlook Error 0x800ccc0e.

Microsoft Inc. has been developing various type of software and hardware products for computers which have revolutionized the information technology industry. One of the most successful software program they have in the market is the Microsoft Outlook. The software is basically a personal information and email management software. Outlook is popular among the users because of its simplicity and ease of user interface which helps you to manage multiple email accounts altogether in one application. The application comes with the Microsoft Office suite as its bundled software. Outlook has changed the way we used to manage our email accounts before.

About Outlook Error 0x800ccc0e:

We have researched the most common issues that our customers report about their MS Outlook malfunctioning. One of the annoying issues you might face with the application is the Outlook Error 0x800ccc0e. This particular error code indicates that there is a conflict occurring between the SMTP servers while working on a specific email service. When the user tries to send or receive emails during any account configuration, the application could not fetch all the data and information about the specific email account, that results in paused inbox synchronization. Try this simple method to fix the above-mentioned issue:

  1. Open your Outlook application by going to start menu or if you have any shortcut icon on your desktop.
  2. When the application starts up, click and open the “Send/Receive” tab and find “Send/Receive Groups”
  3. Now click and open the “Send/Receive Groups” menu and select Define Send/Receive Groups…
  4. Another dialogue box will appear on your screen, Click on New and give a name of the group
  5. You have to click OK to continue to the forward with the dialogue box
  6. On the next popup, select the accounts for which you want to create the group. You can choose more than one account, check the option saying “Include the selected account in this group”
  7. You have to check on the both of the options Send mail items, Receive mail items
  8. Under the options, you will find another checkbox that says Download complete item including attachments, check it as well
  9. Once you have created as many groups as you need, you can click close to finish the dialogue box

If you follow the method properly, you should be able to send and receive emails now. However, if it doesn’t fix the issue, feel free to contact our team of experts to guide you about the issue.

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We have the track record of getting the highest number of positive feedback every week. Our tech experts are highly skilled and have vast experience over Microsoft application and its related issues. We will provide you with the adequate methods that suit the situation. Our tech professionals aim to fix an error like the Outlook Error 0x800ccc0e with the highest accuracy possible, ensuring your email account’s safety.

Call us at the helpline number to gain access to all the tech help you need to fix your Outlook application. We are working 24*7 on our new and improved Live chat service in the case calling is too boring for you.

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