The ultimate guide to solve Task reported error 0x8004210A of Outlook by connecting with experts

Task reported error is a common error of Outlook email service which is characterized by connection or operation timed out. Outlook is a famous email service marketed by Microsoft Inc. which offers seamless access to email over the exchange servers. It provides smooth sending, receiving and storing emails via multiple useful tools such as calendar, contacts etc.  However, technical issues also come handy with these unique features of Microsoft Outlook email service.

Outlook users often face “Task reported error 0x8004210A” while accessing the email service. It means the operation time is out when waiting for a response from the receiving server. The existing anti-virus software or faulty time-out settings might cause the appearance of this error on your computer screen. You can straightaway consult with an expert to avail accurate solutions to this annoying issue. However, quick tricks are there which you might apply to fix this error on your own. This blog will help you out to clear your thoughts about this problem and its solutions.

What is error message 0x8004210A of Outlook email service?

This error refers to a sudden hamper in the email sending and receiving facilities of Outlook. When the operation time gets over before the stipulated time due to any unknown error, your computer screen displays this error. Following are the reasons for which you might receive this annoying Outlook error code:

  • You existing anti-virus software might restrain the standard attempts of Outlook to connect with the server
  • Some specific firewall applications might also disrupt the normal email processing service of Outlook
  • Faulty configuration of the connection time might also cause this error message to arise
  • Wrong specifications of port numbers in the Outlook email settings is another responsible factor behind this error code

Go through the next paragraph thoroughly to avail easy fixes for this common Outlook error.

Smart tricks to solve Outlook error code 0x8004210A on your own

Before hiring any professional you can apply some easy methods to solve this error code on your own. Following are the different corrective mechanisms which you are supposed to run if you receive this error message on your computer.

Method 1

  • Uninstall your existing antivirus software which might be hampering the normal synchronization between Outlook email customer and the server
  • Deactivate any running Windows Firewall program and try to send or receive emails to check whether the error code reappears or not

If this procedure fails to eliminate the error code, perform the next method which is mentioned below.

Method 2

  1. Open the Microsoft Outlook software
  2. Tap on the file menu followed by Info
  3. Tap on the “account setting”s” tile
  4. Choose the required POP3 account and tap on the “change” option
  5. Within the “change account window”, tap on the “More settings” option
  6. Navigate to the “email settings dialog” and tap on the “advanced tab”
  7. Increase the range of server timeout by turning the slider towards the right-side

In case this above-mentioned procedure doesn’t give you the fruitful result, apply the next process which is explained below.

Method 3

  • Perform all the steps from one to six of method 2 to reset the time-out server specifications
  • Mention 995 within the Incoming server if you have specified this server with a requirement of encrypted connection i.e. SSL

Still receiving the same error code again and again? Then there might be some serious reason behind this problem which requires experts attention only. You should now approach any professional service provider to fix this problem from its root.

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