Some of the Common Windows Error Codes and Resolution

For any laptop, computer or desktop works Operating System is the basic requirement. Now while working on Windows OS the widely used and mostly founded on every laptop, PC can face some unusual errors.  It is not uncommon that the software encounter errors, the frequently occur error on Windows system are compiled in the following common Windows Error codes list. It might not be that difficult to fix the common Windows error but for certain error, some levels of expertise with the in-depth knowledge are required. Therefore a merge list of error code list is mentioned along with the solution to the problems being faced. The list provides a quick and easy reference and also offers a possible solution to fix common OS facing Error immediately and instantly.

When you are using the Windows some of the most common and usual error codes being faced can now be resolved with the solution offered. Some of the serious error that requires assistance from the qualified, skilled and capable technicians and one should not try to fix them as some accident could seriously damage computer system as you are unable to fix the occurred error.

Error 1: Connection unsuccessful

Solution: You must check all the connection associated with the laptop, PC and other accessories as well

Error 2: System cannot find the specified file

Solution: Try reinstall of NCP and DUN

Error 3: Access is denied


Step 1: Must check for the entered appropriate username and password in field labeled domain for NT/2K

Step 2: check that option accept any authentication including clear text is activated

Error 4: Invalid procedure call

Solution: the dial up and network components must be installed again

Error 5: Stack Overflow

Solution: You must check the computer boot up or it might have come from RAM or the swap file

Error 6: System cannot find the specified device


  • Must ensure the right modem has been selected
  • If it does not respond try to reinstall
  • Can also try reinstall NCP/DUN/RAS

Error 7: No more connections are allowed


  • Might be someone else is using your account
  • In case you have been ghosted on server your ISP can bump the ghost program off

Error 8: Invalid Proper value


  • Autodial should be pointed to correct dialer
  • Setup the dialer again

Error 9: An operation is pending


Step 1: Try rebooting the system

Step 2: ensure that no other program is using the modem

Step 3: Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and if RNAAPP loads then you require technicians to fix the problem

Error 10: The port handle is invalid


Step 1: Select the modem COM port and diagnosis section open “More info”

Step 2: Reinstall the modem

Step 3: Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and in case of RNAAPP is loaded you require consulting a professional

Step 4: Along with the components it is required to dial-up networking should be reinstalled

Step 5: In case of modem doesn’t work you must consult tech expert for assistance

Error 11: The port is already open


Step 1: Reboot the computer system

Step 2: Ensure that the no other program is using the modem or not

Step 3: Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and if you see RNAAPP you can contact technician to fix the problem

Step 4: Uninstall the AOL adapters in network control panel and again reboot the computer. Install the dial-up adapter again

Step 5: remove erroneous init string or enter ATZ as init

Step 6: In case you have Quicken then you must deactivate the quicken download manager

Step 7: Install your modem again on your system

Step 8: One must also make sure the respective computer is error free

Error 12: Caller’s buffer is too small


  • Ensure the port is not configured to low speed
  • Port settings ensure the FIFO is not set to low
  • Reinstalling the Dial up networking together with its components

Error 13: Wrong information is specified

Solution: Check for any outages in area, try username and password, set up the dialer again, dial-up networking should be installed again together with its component and can also try reinstall of all modem

Error 14: Port connection are lose


Error 15: Event you are running is invalid


  • If the issue arrives due to dialing up internet you must verify that the settings of event log have been correctly set
  • Try rebooting the system and ensure that networking settings are correctly configured
  • Install RAS or DUN again

Error 16: Device doesn’t exist


  • Must check the modem is set dialer
  • Ensure the right modem drivers are being used by checking modem diagnosing. If its not the case you must check for the correct drivers
  • Reinstall the dialer
  • In case your modem is not working, you must try reinstalling

Error 17: Route is not available


  • Reboot the computer
  • Ensure you set the right configuration for dialer and network settings
  • Install the network components again
  • In case of use of LAN you need to consult system administrator

Error 18: Invalid compression specified


Step 1: reboot the system

Step 2: add &K3 to extra settings

Step 3: Still does not solve problem add &K3

Step 4: You can try to re-install the modem

Error 19: Out of buffers

Solution: Port speed is not too low and installs your modem again

Error 20: Port was not found

Solution: Install modem drivers

Error 21: An asynchronous request is pending

Solution: Reboot the system and install modem drivers again

Error 22: Port or device is already disconnecting

Solution: Wait until the modem is disconnected

Error 23: Port is not open

Solution: Restart the computer and ensure that no other program is using modem

Error 24: Port is disconnected


  • You need to reboot the computer
  • Ensure that no program is making use of modem

Error 25: Cannot open the phone book file

Solution: You must install the Blue frog software and restart the computer

Error 26: Cannot load phone book file

Solution: installation of third party software named Blue frog is required

Error 27: Cannot find the book entry

Solution: Install Blue frog connection again an third party software

Error 28: Cannot load a string

Solution: Reboot the system and install blue frog connection software

Error 29: Cannot find a key

Solution: Blue frog connection installation is the right solution

Error 30: The port was disconnected

Solution: install the Blue frog connection software and try to install modem drivers again

Error 31: The port was disconnected by the remote machine


Step 1: Install blue frog application again

Step 2: enter access number

Step 3: And now install modem drivers again

Error 32: The port was disconnected due to hardware failure


Step 1: Install Blue frog connection software

Step 2: reinstall modem drivers

Step 3: Use an alternate modem

Step 4: replace your current modem with new one

Error 33: The port was disconnected by the user.

Solution: Ensure the right access numbers is being dialed and try to restart your computer system

Error 34: The structure size is incorrect

Solution: You need to reboot the computer and install the Blue frog connection software again

Error 35: The port is already in use or is not configured for Remote Access dial out

Solution: You need to reboot the computer and reinstall the modem drivers

Error 36: Cannot register your computer on the remote network


  • Check network settings and modify your computer name
  • Install network control panel again

Error 37: The string could not be converted


  • Try with reboot of the laptop
  • Install the third party application named Blue frog

Error 38: The request has timed out.


  • You can try booting the system again
  • Install the blue frog connection software again

Error 39: Internal authentication error


  • Try to reboot the system
  • Install the Blue Frog connection software again
  • Try to reinstall your modem drivers

Error 40: Remote Access server is not responding.


  • Check that the connection and network settings have correctly been configured
  • Ensure that the modem has been correctly set up and look for updated drivers

Error 41: Access denied because of the incorrect username and/or password to the domain


  • Make sure you have entered proper username and password as well
  • Make sure account is active and turn on
  • By mistake you have entered another access number
  • If problem persist you might need to contact your ISP

Error 42: Hardware failure in port or attached device


Step 1: Browse for the Blue frog init strings

Step 2: Install Blue Frog connection software again

Step 3: Install modem drivers again

Error 43: The connection attempt failed because the modem on the remote computer was not rightly configured. 


Step 1: Must install Blue Frog connection software again

Step 2: Install modem driver again

Step 3: Otherwise install a new modem

Error 44: It was not possible to verify the identity of the server


Step 1: You must ensure you that you are dialing the correct phone number

Step 2: verify the connection and network settings

Step 3: Make sure you don’t have outage on the phone line

Step 4: Must be sure about the correctly installed modem and check for driver updates as well

Step 5: Set FIFO buffers to lower speed and ensure that you have unchecked the option “Only connect at this speed.”

In case you are facing issues while fixing the error you can get in touch with our qualified, skilled and capable tech experts any hour of day and night. Technicians guide you in the right direction of problem-solving and help you in getting rid of any window error among the list provided.

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